The CGI Podcast is all about successful artists and designers sharing their personal stories and experiences to inspire you to take action. Learn from others and apply the shared wisdom to your own journey as you chase your creative potential.

As creatives, we all have stories. Our stories make us unique. But they also unite us. A good story can entertain, but a great story moves you. It inspires you to take action. Stories have always served an important role in education. Learning from someone else's experiences, can bring you to your goals much faster. Today, expectations, standards and technology evolve so quickly. To stay ahead of the curve, it's vital to learn from others' stories in order to better ourselves.

This is why I created this podcast. CGI refers to images created with a computer. Since computers are everywhere today, I choose to use the acronym a bit more loosely. The CGI podcast is for the modern creative who wants to hear great stories and learn from the experiences of other successful artists and designers. Lean and listen to more at 

What's CGI?

CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) is a broad name given to visuals created with the help of a computer.

What kind of guests appear on the CGI Podcast?

3D modelers, rendering specialists, VFX artists, concept designers and more. Anyone who's work falls under the CGI umbrella is fair game.  

Suggest a podcast guest:

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